Oh, you wanted the other twin!


Last week we were able to race through the normal modes of Dragon Soul.  Tonight, we met our real challenges in the Heroic Mode.  We started with Morchok based on his ease on normal, and what seemed to be a fairly modest difficulty increase.  It was enjoyable to approach a fight without a trove of information already published.  We got to test various strats from the raid and then focus on tweaking the final strat.  We spent a total of 31 pulls, but many of those were immediate wipes testing some specific mechanic of the fight.  The kill pull went very smoothly and I think this will be a fight some of us enjoy weekly.

edit: Now that the WoW Progress ranking have settled, we were credited with the 292nd kill in both us/world ranking for 10 man and 382nd in combined 10/25 kills.

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