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What We’re Looking For
Intelligence: We don’t raid endless hours so every bit of time is important.  We need players who can think logically, assess their play, and make adjustments on the fly.  It’s important that our players cialis soft tavs can understand not only the base strategies, but how they impact their specific class and role.  We value theorycrafting and even if you aren’t the guy doing all the math, our raiders shouldn’t be scared of numbers and evaluating class changes.

Skill: We like players who think ahead in  the fight.  Be proactive and anticipate events in the fight.  Make the encounter work for you.  Fast reaction times are important as is the ability to remain focused through both boring and highly intense phases.

Initiative: Always be on the lookout for ways to improve your character.  Don’t wait on the guild to farm your rep, grind some mob, or make gold to buy some rare enchant.  We will certainly help, but we tend to help those who help themselves. Keep an eye on the PTR notes and be thinking for how you are going to adjust your stats/rotations/etc for new changes.

Gear: We do not set a minimum iLvl for apps, but we do consider gear to be a major indicator of a player’s competence and effort. We expect our applicants to have the appropriate gear that is reasonably available to them at their current level of progress.

Personality: We are an adult guild with a grown-up-yet-somewhat-silly atmosphere. You have to be able to take a joke as well as be able to take critique and criticism.  You need to be able to know the difference between the time for discussion and the time for execution. We respect each other and the server at large.  If you say or do things to specifically annoy, harass, or intimidate others, you won’t be here long.

Reliability: The internet is a harsh, cold wasteland of anonymity. We’re looking for players who are honest, responsible, reliable and trustworthy. The ideal applicant is a good person that doesn’t use the internet as an excuse to be an asshole. They always let us know when they’re going to miss a raid night, and they’re always honest with the guild as a whole.

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