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Still rewriting this, but here’s the deal. We want to play the game, kill dragons, and still progress while doing other things. We’ve killed heroic LK and don’t want to raid 16-20+ hours anymore. This is like the guys you play PS3 at your house with. You need to be a good player, but don’t be a dick. You know the player skills it takes to be successful while pushing new and even farm content…that’s what we expect from each other.

This game is about fun and for us fun is derived from success. We may not be shooting for server firsts, but we will clear all content and we can expect a boss on the same level as Algalon or Heroic Lich King in every tier. In order to achieve that goal it will require not only a certain type of player, but a dedicated attitude, consistent level of performance and the initiative to do what you need to in order to be prepared going into progression content. Here are some of our expectations.

Knowing you class inside and out is imperative. You should be up to date on the latest theorycrafting and know whats coming in the next patch as well and be prepared. I know some people believe they can do all their own theorycrafting, but there is no way that you know more than a community of intelligent people working together to figure things out.

Joking around in raid a bit is fine, but if it in any way affects performance then it has gone too far. We should be focused on the job at hand and putting all of our concentration into that. Being able to joke when it’s appropriate and serious when it’s appropriate will make the difference.

We need a good level of situational awareness. Don’t be a grid/recount/rotation zombie. You should at least know everything that is going on in the encounter that affects your character, but should also understand what is going on with everyone else.

Coming to raid prepared is expected and required. Have consumables ready to go and be in the instance ready to go at start time. Logging off your alt onto your main at 1 minute before pull and asking for summons should be the very rare exception to how you normally play.

Do your research on progression fights in advance. We want to be able to get right to working on strats and don’t need to be wasting time explaining how a fight works to you, that is your job. If we get to a boss and you feel the need to say “So, how does this work?” then you are wrong.

Learn from other peoples mistakes, not just your own. This is huge and goes back to situational awareness. The faster we learn fight mechanics the faster the boss dies, its as simple as that. If everyone has to fail at every mechanic to learn it its not going to be a pleasant raiding experience. If you see someone mess up one pull and do the same thing they did the next then you aren’t doing your job.

Be prepared to take constructive criticism and the occasional “WTF are you doing”. We aren’t going to be douchebags about it, but we also aren’t going to be carebears. If you are going to get butt hurt about being told how to improve yourself this is not a good place for you. We will bring data to back up our claims, please use data to present an opposite view. Nobody is perfect and if you don’t know you are doing something wrong there is no way to fix it.

Remember, being in this group isn’t a right, its a privilege. Many other people that would like to be in this group and if you aren’t holding up your end we have to look into replacing you. We aren’t going to kick you to the curb for a bad night, but if we see an ongoing issue we will talk to you about it. If you can’t get it fixed we have to replace you; you would want us to replace them if it were someone else.

We have a performance review of everyone in the group on an individual basis and have a member critique thread where you can tell us what you need to work on and we can tell you what you are doing, right and wrong, from our viewpoing. We have developed an environment where everyone is comfortable saying “What can I do to be better” and everyone else being there to tell them in a constructive manner.

This is a work and progress and we may add more to in the future, but for now this is the basics of what we expect from you as a raider.

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